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Water Treatment

As individuals we all take clean drinking water for granted in our society. For years the water treatment industry has been striving to ensure that house-hold supplies are continuous and free from contamination.

Chemicals are used in every step of the process including treatment of waste water to sewer. Without the treating of this water, UK manufacturers and households would face an

entirely different day to day experience. Monarch's broad range of water treatment chemicals from effluent to boiler maintenance and biocides are an essential part of this modern industry.

Please speak to your local Area Manager to discuss your specific needs and Monarch will be able to supply the right product for your application.

Products available in this Industry

aluminium sulphate
ammonium bromide
bromine tablets
calcium chloride
caustic soda
citric acid
ferric chloride
ferric sulphate
ferrous sulphate
hydrochloric acid
hydrogen peroxide
lime hydrated
monoethylene glycol
monopropylene glycol
monosodium phosphate
peracetic acid
phosphoric acid
poly aluminium chloride
sodium bisulphite
sodium bromide
sodium carbonate
sodium chlorite
sodium hypochlorite
sodium metabisulphite
sodium molybdate
sodium sulphide
sulphamic acid
sulphuric acid