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Sodium Sulphide

Product information, characteristics and applications

Sodium Sulphide is a white-yellow solid flake with a smell often likened to rotten eggs. The product is primarily used in the leather industry. Sodium Sulphide is highly soluble in water, where it will readily turn into a clear solution. Monarch Chemicals have registered the product under REACH.

Sodium Sulphide removes hair from animal hides in the leather processing industry, in the paper industry it is used during the Kraft Process in the preparation of wood pulp. In the water treatment process it acts as an oxygen scavenger in the treatment process of waste water, waste sludge and for soil remediation, either as a metal precipitant or ore floatation and can be used as an additive in lubricants to protect against metal damage.

In the textile industry this product can be used as a bleach to remove impurities left behind after standard methods of bleaching, Sulphur dyes use Sodium Sulphide to effectively create colourfastness for darker pigments. Power stations can use this product to de-sulphurise (or scrub) the gas used for energy. Other uses within the rubber industry. Sodium Sulphide is also used to manufacturer polymers and elastomers, specifically polysulfides which is used in sealants.

Industries that Sodium Sulphide are used in include:

  • Engineering, Metal & Surface Treatment
  • Power, Energy & Oil Field
  • Waste & Recycling
  • Leather & Textile
  • Water Treatment

Other names

  • Disodium Monosulfide
  • Disodium Sulfide
  • Sodium Monosulfide
  • Sodium Sulphide Hydrate
  • Sodium Sulfide
  • Sulphide of Sodium Hydrate

Sodium Sulphide product quality and technical details

  • CAS Registry Number: 1313-82-2
  • Chemical formula: Na2S
  • EC Number 215-211-5

Sodium Sulphide hazard transport information

  • UN: 1849
  • Shipping name: Sodium Sulphide, Hydrated
  • Class: 8
  • Packing Group: II

Sodium Sulphide product packaging

  • 25kg bag

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