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Sodium Molybdate

Product information, characteristics and applications

Sodium Molybdate is useful as a source of molybdenum. Molybdenum (often referred to as “Moly”) is an important metal in both the industrial world and our daily lives. In its pure state, molybdenum is a lustrous grey metal, somewhat heavier than iron but melting at a much higher temperature – 4730 degrees Fahrenheit as compared with 2795 degrees Fahrenheit for iron.

Sodium Molybdate is used to provide plants with a readily available supply of molybdenum. It is particularly important for nitrogen fixation by leguminous plants such as clover, lucerne, peas and beans. It is also used in industry for corrosion inhibition, as it is a non-oxidizing anodic inhibitor. The addition of Sodium Molybdate significantly reduces the nitrite requirement of fluids inhibited with nitrite-amine, and improves the corrosion protection of carboxylate salt fluids.

Industries that Sodium Molybdate are used in include:

  • Agriculture & Feed
  • Water Treatment

Other names

  • Disodium Molybdate

Sodium Molybdate product quality and technical details

  • CAS registry number: 10102-40-6
  • Chemical Formula: Na2MoO4
  • EC Number: 231-551-7

Sodium Molybdate hazard transport information

  • Sodium Molybdate is classed as non-hazardous for transport.

Sodium Molybdate Product Packaging

  • 25kg bag

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