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Fluoroboric Acid

Product information, characteristics and applications

Fluoroboric Acid is a strong colourless liquid acid which is corrosive to metals and tissue. It is widely used within for electroplating and cleaning purposes. It is structurally similar to perchloric acid, but lacks the hazards associated with oxidants.

Whilst the main industry in which Fluoroboric Acid is used is electroplating and the metal cleaning industry, it can also used in flavours and fragrances. It is a very strong acid and reacts with structural metals such as aluminium and iron to create hydrogen, a highly flammable gas. Fluoroboric acid can be very dangerous, with ingestion or skin contact potentially causing severe injury.

Industries that Fluoroboric Acid are used in include

  • Industrial
  • Cosmetic & Personal Care
  • Engineering, Metal & Surface Treatment

Other names

  • Tetrafluoroboric acid
  • Oxonium tetrafluoroboranuide
  • Oxonium tetraflouridoborate (1-)

Fluoroboric Acid product quality and technical details:

  • CAS Registry Number: 16872-11-0
  • Chemical Formula: H3OBF4
  • EC Number: 240-898-3

Fluoroboric Acid hazard transport information

  • UN: 1775
  • Class: 8
  • Packing Group: II

Fluoroboric Acid product packaging

  • 38kg Poly
  • 270kg drum
  • 1200kg IBC

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