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Product information, characteristics and applications

Epichlorohydrin is a colour-less product with a pungent, garlic-like odour. It is predominately used as a chemical intermediate in chemical manufacturing, the textile industry and the paper industry. It is a highly reactive product and has many uses in chemical manufacturing such as; production of glycerol, plastics, epoxy glues, resins and elastomers. It can be used as a polymer in the production of tea bags, coffee filters and sausage casings. It also has a use in its polymer state in water purification.

Industries that Epichlorohydrin are used in include

  • Industrial
  • Pharmaceutical

Other names

  • 1-Chloro-2,3-Epoxypropane
  • Chloromethyloxirane
  • 2,3-Epoxypropyl Chloride

Epichlorohydrin product quality and technical details

  • CAS Registry Number: 106-89-8
  • Chemical Formula: C3H5CI0
  • EC Number: 203-439-8

Epichlorohydrin hazard transport information

  • UN: UN2023
  • Shipping name: Epichlorohydrin
  • Class: 6.1 (3)
  • Packing Group: II

Epichlorohydrin product packaging

  • 240kg drum

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