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Calcium Chloride Liquor

Product information, characteristics and applications

Calcium Chloride Liquor (also known as calcium (II) Chloride/ calcium dichloride) is an odourless liquid chemical which can be used for ice and dust control on roads. It is also used as an accelerator ingredient for ready mix concrete and within the oil field industry, in preparation for drilling.

Calcium Chloride Liquor is a naturally occurring compound and is commonly found in sea water as well as natural mineral springs. It is used in the prevention of ice across roads and motorways. It is also used for the control of dust across roads as well as a wastewater treatment chemical, where it helps to remove fluoride build-up. Calcium chloride liquor is used widely in refrigeration fluid as well as at ice skating rinks. It is also used in the food industry within beer and cheese production as well as within the agriculture industry for animal feed and fertiliser.

Industries that Calcium Chloride Liquor are used in include

  • Agriculture & Feed
  • Food & Drink
  • Industrial

Other names

  • Calcium (II) chloride
  • Calcium dichloride
  • E509

Calcium Chloride Liquor product quality and technical details:

  • CAS Registry Number: 10043-52-4
  • Chemical Formula: CaCl2
  • EC Number: 233-140-8

Calcium Chloride Liquor Hazard Transport Information:

  • UN: 2811
  • Class: 6.1

Calcium Chloride Liquor Product Packaging

  • Bulk
  • Pump over
  • 25ltr
  • 30ltr
  • 200ltr
  • 1000ltr

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