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Leather & Textile

Whilst this industry sector has vastly diminished over the last 30 years, the companies remaining are strong and have invested heavily to supply the high quality end of the market, for this they need high quality raw materials and service.

Monarch have spent over 20 years servicing this industry so we understand the demands of a rapidly changing production schedules and growing lead times from some producers. With this in mind Monarch were conscious that we needed to offer more than a product at a competitive price.

We have a large stock holding over a wide range of products to ensure products are available on a 2-3 day delivery service (sometimes same day) rather than much longer lead times offered by some of our competitors. This has allowed our customers to reduce there own stock holding releasing cash and valuable space back into their business.

Some of the products we currently supply into these industries are listed below, but if you do not immediately see what you are looking for then please call us anyway.

Products available in this Industry

acetic acid
ammonium chloride
caustic soda
chrome sulphate
citric acid
copper sulphate
sodium bicarbonate
sodium carbonate
sodium dichromate
sodium formate
sodium hydrosulphite
sodium metabisulphite
sodium percarbonate
sodium sulphate
sodium sulphide
sodium sulphite
sodium sulphydrate