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Engineering, Metal & Surface Treatment

Demands from the consumers for excellence have pushed the surface treatment industry to continually look at more complex chemistry to ensure the highest quality finish can be achieved whether it involves plating, engineering or a more simple coating to be applied to a multitude of different surfaces.

We work closely with our customers to ensure the highest quality products and service is supplied to meet their needs. We also have

many customers who have their own formulated products produced under confidentiality agreements with Monarch.

Some of the products supplied into this industry sector are listed below, but please call us if you do not immediately see what you are looking for.

Products available in this Industry

alkyl polysaccharide
ammonium acetate
ammonium bicarbonate
ammonium bifluoride
ammonium chloride
ammonium formate
battery acid
butyl diglyme
caustic potash
caustic soda
chromic acid
citric acid
copper sulphate
demineralised water
edta powder
edta solution
ferric chloride
ferric sulphate
ferrous sulphate
formic acid
hydrochloric acid
hydrogen peroxide
monoethylene glycol
nitric acid
peracetic acid
phosphoric acid
sodium acetate
sodium carbonate
sodium dichromate
sodium gluconate
sodium hexametaphosphate
sodium hypochlorite
sodium metasilicate
sodium sulphide
sodium thiosulphate
sulphuric acid