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Grain Preservation

An estimated 2.4 billion tons of grain were produced in 2012. Grain crops are used not only for food, but for feed and biofuels too. The production of feed grains is the fastest growing. Most of these grains need to be preserved and stored. This is where Perstorp can help you.

Perstorp offers mould inhibitors called ProSid™ MI 700, which enable you to store grains for long periods of time without deterioration because of mould. For grains with high moisture content we also offer crimping additives.

It is estimated that more than 25% of world wheat, barley and maize production is contaminated with mycotoxins resulting from mould growth in the feed, this has a detrimental effect on animal health and performance.

ProSid™ MI 700

Propionic Acid

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NB: In order for the silage additive to work, you must always follow the recommended dosage rates and ensure the dosing equipment is calibrated correctly prior to use. The use of silage additives cannot be expected to overcome adverse weather conditions, poor feeding-out procedures, incorrect dosing rates, poor compaction, poor or inadequate sealing and soil or slurry contamination and is therefore not warranted against these poor practises and conditions. If unsure of applications rates or methods, please seek advice.