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Agriculture, Feed & Horticulture FEMAS

Agriculture in the UK encompasses around 70% of the country’s land mass an area of approximately 43 million acres.

Many of the products on our range are already used in the production of fertilisers and as supplements in animal feed.

In addition to these we have been working closely with Perstorp, a Swedish company and in 2015 launched an exciting new range of performance additives that are already well established in mainland Europe. These products are designed to improve grain preservation and silage, helping to ensure excellent quality feed is produced with high nutrient value.


Grain Preservation

Silage Making

Products available in this Industry

acetic acid
aluminium sulphate
ammonium chloride
ammonium nitrate
ammonium sulphate
battery acid
benzalkonium chloride
buffered propionic
butyric acid
calcium chloride
caustic soda pearl
citric acid
cobalt sulphate
copper sulphate feed grade
copper sulphate tech
demineralised water
diammonium phosphate
ferrous sulphate
formic acid
glycerine 80% crude
glycerine 97% feed grade
hydrochloric acid
hydrogen peroxide
lactic acid
lime hydrated
manganese sulphate feed grade
monoammonium phosphate
monopotassium phosphate
monopropylene glycol
monosodium phosphate
nitric acid
oxalic acid
peracetic acid
phosphoric acid
potassium carbonate
potassium chloride
ProMyr™ Crimping
ProMyr™ Silage
ProMyr™ Silage Plus
ProMyr™ TMR
propionic acid
ProSid™ MI700
silage additive
sodium bicarbonate feed grade
sodium bicarbonate Novafeed
sodium formate
sodium hypochlorite
sodium lignosulphonate
sodium molybdate
sodium nitrate
sodium nitrite
sodium propionate
sulphamic acid
sulphuric acid
xanthan Gum
zinc oxide
zinc sulphate